Talk in EnglishTransforming UX culture

October 21, 10:10
Room I

Working in different companies and starting to build the design process from the ground, I always faced the same thing: it is not enough to build process within the design team or between design team and different dev-teams. It is necessary to spread the UX infection at all company.

Nowadays we are talking a lot about need of embedding UX-culture in the companies (both large and small). People use different terminology (from Human-Centered Design to Design Thinking). They use different practices and techniques (from research to personas). But every company has its own specific and context.

In the course of my attempts to transform the UX culture in different companies, I tried to formulate key principles that can be conveyed to others and used for building a strategy for change. And to select specific practices under the existing context.

During this talk I’ll describe all key principles and different examples of practices and specific techniques / tools that can be applied depending on the context in the company.

Nikita Efimov

Lead UX Architect, MyOffice

More than 11 years played different roles in Software Development: developer, project manager, UX designer. During this time he has worked both in product and outsourcing companies on different projects: from compilers to mobile apps with augmented reality.

He is also a UX coach for more than 4 years.

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