Applications of TRIZ Methods in SW Development and Design

October 20, 09:35
Room IV

The article presents the further developement of the report presented on SECR-2009. It was written specially for SECR-2017. In contradistinction to the previous report the current article gives the review of TRIZ application experience, as well as an algorithm of analysis and development of project ideas in the area of IT. An electronic template of demand contradictions formulating is also described. A brief review of proceedings about TRIZ methods application for efficiency improvement of all software development life cycle stages is given in the article.

Starting from 1985 TRIZ community works on transfer of TRIZ instruments from tangible technical systems to intangible ones.

This process demanded a serious review of important TRIZ concepts such as product-instrument, substance-field etc.

Foundation stone of TRIZ – the concept and wording of a contradiction – also requires a review.
TRIZ application in an area of IT is one of the most perspective directions of TRIZ development in intangible systems.

Some methods, that have already proven to be the effective tools for software development process, are given in the article.

The algorithm of analysis and development of project ideas in the area of IT and software is given. Electronic template for simplification and improvement of accuracy of wordings of contradictions of demands and their solutions in software development is worked out. There are illustrations of some TRIZ instruments application for software development.

The article will be useful for software developers, analysts, decision-makers in the development of new solutions in the field of IT.

Mikhail Rubin

Head of R&D Department, Healbe Corp.

I have been engaged in TRIZ development and popularization since 1974, author of more than 100 works in TRIZ, TRIZ Master.

25+ years of experience in innovation and technical consulting, author of methods of TRIZ application in business.

Core competencies are developing of TRIZ as a science, application of TRIZ’s methods in nontechnical areas, forecasting of social and technical systems and development of theory “Evolutionary systems science”.

From 2000 to 2005, in cooperation with subdivision of Intel in Saint-Petersburg and Saint-Petersburg University’s faculty of mathematics and mechanics, conducted research and developed a methodology of TRIZ application in programming and in informational systems development.

Author of textbook about application of TRIZ in programming and of 11 invention patents in information and biotechnical systems area.

Sergey Sysoev

CEO Deputy, PetroMS

Graduated from the St. Petersburg state university, department of mathematics and mechanics in 2002. Finished the PhD thesis on the subject “Randomized Stochastic Approximation and its Applications for improving the productivity of computations” in 2005. Has publications on the topics: quantum computing, stochastic optimization, genetic linkage maps building, machine learning. As an associate professor gives lectures on the subjects “Quantum computing”, “Web applications development” and “Inventive thinking in IT” at St. Petersburg State University. Developed the online course “Quantum computing”. Has one patent for an invention.

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