Architecting the Open Education: The Integrated Metadata Warehouse

October 20, 18:45
Room IV

This paper proposes an integrated approach for data warehousing of the educational metadata in the area of open educational resources (OER). The aim is designing an architecture that integrates automatic metadata extraction and rule-based methods to better utilize the OER. This architecture helps synchronizing metadata from the resulting repository with versatile OER Web-based resources. Therewith, the approach to data warehousing involves an extract-transform-load (ETL) process. The proposed architecture, as our experimentation shows, in terms of data management and process flow, improves performance in handling OER metadata. This rule-based architecture allows for automatic extraction and classification of metadata in a number of pre-defined categories. These metadata categories are available through a web portal.

Sergey Zykov

Higher School of Economics

Sergey V. Zykov is an Associate Professor at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia. He has completed his Ph.D. thesis on ERP software systems implementation methodology in 2000. Sergey is also an Associate Professor at the National Research University – Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. He has eleven years with ITERA Oil and Gas Group of Companies, including Vice-CIO and Enterprise Portal Manager positions. Sergey is the author of five books on enterprise software development, he has also published over 50 papers in proceedings. He has authored over a dozen online courses including 6 MOOCs for Coursera and edX.

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